Tierney the owner of Tierney Riggs Photography

Hi   Ya'll


   Hi, I'm Tierney!

      I'm a Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina based wedding and portrait photographer who specializes in photography that is sweet, joyful, and classic. I am a dreamer who believes in living life with arms wide open, and a hopeless romantic who cries over any gushy movie! My obsessions include coffee, chocolate, and all things autumn. 
     Most days you'll find me with a cup of coffee in my hand while working away snuggled up to my fur baby- Zeus the cutest Shih Tzu ever! Or you maybe find me snuggled up next to my handsome husband watching Gilmore Girls.
      People describe my photography as sweet, joyful, and classic! My best work is inspired by my Southern roots. I am mesmerized by stately plantation style houses with wrap around porches especially if there is gorgeous Weeping Willow tree in the front yard. I adore catching joyful moments as they unfold. I will guide you and pose you some, but I love to capture those real, raw moments as those are the photographs that I know you will cherish for all of time.
The moments like your groom leaning in for a quick kiss when he thinks no one is watching, or your little one picking a flower that has fascinated him in the middle of your shoot, are so very fleeting. I want to capture those moments for you so that they can be passed down as heirlooms for the future generations to come. 

What I    Believe

      I believe in being classic and elegant because those two things will always be in style. I believe in family heirlooms like the sapphire ring your grandmother gives you on your wedding day that you will one day pass on to your own granddaughter. One day, when our loved ones are gone, those precious heirlooms will be all we have left to remind us of the love that was shared. I believe in history and that it should be preserved because there are so many lessons to be learned from the past. I especially believe in preserving your own personal history. My desire is for your grandchildren to one day look at your wedding album and think, "Wow, I hope I can have a love like that."

        I believe in the small, simple pleasures that life has to offer like catching fireflies on a summer evening or sipping coffee from my front porch rocking chair because those small, in-between moments are where the magic of life happens and where the memories are made. I believe in the power of emotions. If you cry on your wedding day, it's alright. Getting swept away in the emotions means that you are fully present, body and soul, in the moment. I believe in capturing real, raw moments as they unfold. Life is so fleeting, and those moments deserved to be captured and frozen in time. I believe in Southern hospitality and treating those around you with kindness.

       I believe in romances just like that of "Noah and Allie" where you're fiery and passionate because that is the kind of love I am privileged to know. I believe your marriage is more important then your wedding. Plan for wedding, plan it beautifully, but plan for an even more beautiful marriage because love is what will carry you through the ups and downs of life.               

What I Love