Happy Wednesday, friends!!! Today, I'm excited to share a 3 part series on "Preparing for Your Engagement Session". By this point you're well into the wedding planning, you probably have your photographer booked if you're reading this :D

    One of the most common questions I receive from couples is what on earth should we wear? I remember thinking this same thing, when Christopher and I were engaged! It's a big decision as you'll look back on these pictures for years to come! Below, I will share some tips with you that helped me back when were engaged. I hope this is helpful for you TR Brides and Grooms!


Opt for Something Classic and Dress It Up

      Since you are going to be looking back at these pictures for years to come, I suggest wearing something classic. I'm not saying show up in white t shirts and blue jeans at all--- but I am saying you may not want to wear the trendy dress with crazy sleeves and a crazy pattern to match. I also suggest taking a dressier approach. These pictures are an extremely special occasion! So dress up for it! Not to mention, wearing a dress to your session adds so much movement to your photographs. Plus the pictures will have a very elegant feel.

Guys: Opt for Layers

     Alrighty fellas, your turn! Since it is such a special occasion, I suggest wearing a suit, and wearing layers. It adds depth to your photographs, and you want to look just as good as your fiancé! If you don't want to wear a jacket, try adding a classic tie! You'll seriously look like a sharp dressed man!

Avoid Too Many Patterns

I always advise couples to stay away from too MANY patterns. You don't want your pictures to end up looking busy. So if your girl is wearing a fun patterned dress, perhaps wear a button down shirt that pulls a color from that dress along with neutral pants. If one person is wearing a bold, bright color then the other should probably opt for something more neutral.


Below I've listed out a couple of favorite websites of mine for purchasing clothing that works wonderfully for your engagement session for both guys and gals alike! I hope this is helpful (One of my favorites for a high-end look!)


I also thought it would be fun to show ya'll some of our engagement pictures so you could see how we planned our outfits! These were taken by Devin Eldred Photography. My dress is from ModCloth. My husband's shirt and tie came from Belk.